Tuesday, 4 December 2012

5 Hints on How to POP the Question

Thinking of proposing to the woman of your dreams and you just can’t seem to get the ideal proposal idea. Well here are 5 tips on how to create that enchanting and romantic proposal:

   1. While driving to work together, tune to a particular radio station. You would have arranged with the presenter beforehand. At a particular time, the presenter will call your woman’s full name and ask her to turn to the gentleman sitting next to her. While she turns, you are holding a ring and asking her to marry you. Also plan with the presenter to call 5 minutes after to speak to her on air. (Kindly remember to pack the car at a convenient spot before the plan sets into motion)

       2. Take her to watch the movies, before the movies start while the adverts are rolling. Plan with the cinema guys to have her name on the screen with the proposal. While she is trying to figure out what is happening, go on your knees and bring out the ring

   3.     If she works, arrange with the Head of Administration in her office and the cleaners beforehand. Have a florist do a loved shaped design on her desk with rose petal and the ring in the middle. Drop her off at work and let her see you drive off. However, you will quickly turn back; once she gets to her table and sees the ring you should ‘magically’ appear by her side and kneel down while popping the question

     4. Get up early and prepare breakfast for her (she will really appreciate this especially if you can’t cook). If the aroma of the meal doesn’t wake her up and drive her to the kitchen, prepare a small tray and bring for her in bed.  Place different plates on the tray with different meals ALL COVERED. The ring should be in one of the plates. Be conscious of when she opens the plate with the ring, once she does get down on your knee and pop the question. If the aroma brings her to the kitchen, make sure you have placed the ring on top of the salt or any spice container. Ask her to help you pass the salt or spice then she will see the box with the ring. If she curiously opens it, the get on your knee and pop the question
      5.  Plan with friends and family to have a dinner or party, while the dinner is going on ask for everyone’s attention. Start talking about how long you have known her and wonderful things about her. Then you go on your knee and pop the question. (Please plan on a neutral day, no birthdays or anniversaries)

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