Tuesday, 14 October 2014

WNS Interview: Mix your way into a new life with Elles Icebox

Pina Colada
Weddings N Style is featuring another interview series. Today we are showcasing the creative mixologist - Chizoba.
Enjoy more of her lovely creations and the interesting interview below.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

WNS: Teenage Lovers become 1: Kelechi and Obinna's Traditional Wedding Pictures

Check out Kelechi & Obinna's story and pre-wedding pictures here. Their Traditional wedding was full of fun and color. Enjoy the pictures below...

Friday, 3 October 2014

WNS: Love built on God - Funto and Kyle's Wedding Video

According to Olu 'Funto met Kyle in church and a relationship blossomed afterwards. Their faith in God is the bond of their relationship and their wedding exuded their love for one another and most importantly, their love for God. Funto and Kyle are very nice, friendly and down to earth and I want to wish them a happy married life and may God continually bless them in all their endeavors (Amen)'.

Check out their pre-wedding pictures and video here.

Weddings N Style wish them the very best as they start this journey...

Produced by Olu Adewunmi | LynksDrivers.com
Music : Love Song - Heather C for LynksDrivers Productions
Wedding Coordinator: Labor of Love Events | Adetola Adegboye Popoola / laboroflovemanagement.com
Decor: Garden-Of Eden-International

WNS: Teenage Lovers become 1: Kelechi and Obinna's Pre-wedding Pictures

Full name of Bride: Kelechi Tonye Iheanacho
Full name of Groom: Obinna Emeka Okeke

Kelechi and Obinna met as teenagers through Kelechi's elder brother who is Obinna's friend. The groom proposed at the beach on Kelechi's birthday. Kelechi calls her 'Sweet' while she calls him 'Sweetness'.

For Kelechi - Obinna is caring and has a good heart.
For Obinna - Kelechi is always open minded, supportive in prayers and God fearing.

Weddings N Style wish the couple all the best...

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

WNS: Dupe's surprise bridal shower

How I planned her Surprise Bridal Shower - Tokunbo Kassim

I live in Scotland so planning a bridal shower virtually which was to take place in Lagos was not an easy task.

I started by creating a group on BBM and when we both traveled to New York to buy her wedding dress and all, I sneaked into her phone and copied pins of her friends and added them. Also, got help from her close friend (Jumoke Lawal) as Dupe likes to save people's names with nicknames so it was hard to tell who is male or female. The group got interactive and then when I got back to Scotland,  I got all the bridal balloons, banners, sachets and decorations for the venue. 

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