Tuesday, 14 October 2014

WNS Interview: Mix your way into a new life with Elles Icebox

Pina Colada
Weddings N Style is featuring another interview series. Today we are showcasing the creative mixologist - Chizoba.
Enjoy more of her lovely creations and the interesting interview below.
What is your full name?
Chizoba Okpala
Chizoba Okpala
What is your business name?
Elles Icebox
 What motivated you to become a mixologist?
I was inspired once after attending an event where they weren’t serving cocktails in the most effective way I was sure there had to be a more efficient way of running the service and three months after Ellles Icebox was born.  
How were you able to break the news to your parents, considering the culture?
I worked for four years while consecutively running the business it was a lot of hard work but definitely worth it. My parents were amazingly supportive and huge fans of the business.  
How many years have you been in the business?
Elles Icebox is 7 years old now and will be 8 in January 
How many weddings have you catered for?
Definitely close to 1,000 events all inclusive of weddings.
Apart from mixing drinks, what else do you do?
We run a cocktail company and a drink services company and also this year I became an author publishing my 1st book.
How do you come up with new cocktails or mixtures?
Creativity is amazing everyday something new comes to mind and we try it out, some work a lot better than others but its always fun trying new recipes.  
Banana Shake
Do you come up with signature drinks for weddings based on a couple's theme?
When desired yes, most clients are very classic in wanting to keep it simple but when given the chance we love to push the envelope.  
What is the price range for having you at a wedding?
Any budget we pride ourselves on never turning down a job based on cost, we want our clients happy and enjoying yummy drinks.  
I heard you recently published a book, what is it about?
The Elles Icebox Cocktail book show cases both classic cocktails as well as signature cocktails created by us. Its for people who want to make something nice to drink at home alone or with friends or it can serve as a guide to people who wish to learn how to mix drinks.  
How essential is it for a couple to have your services at their wedding?
Cocktails add an extra edge to any event, events are about socializing and having a good time and celebrating people a cocktail only enhances the art of socializing. 
Golden Island
Do you offer trainings to people that might be interested?
We offer a one day training as an introduction to cocktails we also offer a 1 week training to guide those who wish to start learning it as a business.  
Contact Details:
Office address is no19 Osho street off Opebi, Ikeja lagos.
Website is www.ellesicebox.com 

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