Thursday, 2 October 2014

WNS: Dupe's surprise bridal shower

How I planned her Surprise Bridal Shower - Tokunbo Kassim

I live in Scotland so planning a bridal shower virtually which was to take place in Lagos was not an easy task.

I started by creating a group on BBM and when we both traveled to New York to buy her wedding dress and all, I sneaked into her phone and copied pins of her friends and added them. Also, got help from her close friend (Jumoke Lawal) as Dupe likes to save people's names with nicknames so it was hard to tell who is male or female. The group got interactive and then when I got back to Scotland,  I got all the bridal balloons, banners, sachets and decorations for the venue. 

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I arrived in Lagos a week to the wedding and the Bridal shower was planned to take place on Friday 29th of August so as soon as I got to Lagos, I worked alongside with Jumoke and made reservations at the VIP section of Maracanne Lounge in Victoria Island. Keeping all of these away from Soon-to-be-Mrs-Hunter was the most difficult thing ever because she loves to know everything but we did it successfully. I couldn't even tell Uncle Femi (her husband) because I knew he might accidentally hint her since they can like to gossip together. However, in order to get answers from him against the Questions we were going to ask her on the day to check how well she knows her husband to be, I told him about it on the morning of the Bridal shower. So the big night came and her friends, my cousins and I all headed over to the Lounge to decorate the venue and get things set up for her arrival.

Now, the difficult part was getting her to the venue. I told her that I was stranded at the lounge where I had told her earlier that my friend was having her birthday party and I needed her to pick me up. This was a very big risk because my sister ain't that loving to me lol. But she proved me wrong and she actually came (I'm sure she came since I was the chief bridesmaid and she needed me in one-piece on her big day) and was so surprised. The look on her face was priceless and the night was unforgettable and we went clubbing afterwards.

Here are some pictures from the night:

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  1. Wow this is really nice!!Please where in VI is this lounge located?