Thursday, 13 June 2013

WNS: Naomi and Dayo's pre-wedding video

Weddings N Style is excited to bring something new and refreshing - Naomi and Dayo's pre-wedding video.

According to Olu 'Today, I want to share with you, the pre-wedding video of Naomi and Dayo. I enjoyed working with this couple and I look forward to filming their wedding later this year. It is a short clip that reiterates that "lending a good hand can lead to love". Naomi is from Cameroon and Dayo is from Nigeria so we made some funny shots of them trying to speak each other's language. I wanted to do something different with this video so I had Oluwakemi Ajibare record a song at a studio. Enjoy the montage..'

Produced by Olu Adewunmi |
Music Credit: Oluwakemi Ajibare |The Love I Found
Instrumentals & Beats: R Johnson
Studio Producer: Rick @ Hot Tracks

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