Friday, 6 September 2013

WNS: 'Friends & Lovers' - Dami & Jide's Pre-wedding Pictures

Five years of friendship, love, laughter, tears, fights, arguments, break-ups and make-ups Dami & Jide have decided that there's no going back and they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Looking back at everything, they know it was truly worth the wait. This has initiated their pre-wedding theme 'Friends & Lovers' because through it all they came out standing strong not just as Lovers but very good Friends.

Bride-to-be: Damilola Omitogun
Groom-to-be: Babajide Sobajo

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Dami & Jide met in January 2009. Dami was bored on a certain evening and decided to step out. Usually she drives out most of the time but on this certain day she opted to take a stroll alone. She went to the Supermarket and bought some snacks, did some snooping around and headed home. As she was munching on the snacks a friendly voice called out to her. At that moment many things ran through my mind; "should I stop or I shouldn’t"? She eventually decided to stop since a kind gesture won’t do anyone harm and from then on is history.
When Jide travelled to the UK last year summer for vacation, Dami had no idea he had connived with her younger sister in getting her ring size. Dami's sister eventually opened up to her and she was so excited. When Jide arrived, she was expecting a big proposal at the airport when she went to pick him. They hugged and she took him home and still no proposal. Dami went back to the office crushed. Days turned to weeks and then months and still no proposal. I started to doubt my sister and eventually took my mind off it and focused on other things.

Sallah was around the corner and we were all planning to travel to his Hometown-Ijebu Igbo where they usually celebrate the holiday together as a family. Since it was Dami's first time on such a family trip, she was prepared and looked forward to it.

On the 26 October, after prayers together with friends and family during the Sallah holiday. Jide started saying things about us. He said how much he really loves me and how we had come a long way together. 

And before Dami could fathom what was happening, Jide went on one knee in front of his family members and friends and popped the question. I was so shocked and surprised. But I was able to say 'YES' and thus our journey began.
Their Introduction pictures:
 Introduction after party with friends:
Their Court Wedding Pictures:
Weddings N Style wish the couple all the best as we look forward to their Engagement and White Wedding coming up on the October 19, 2013.


Photography: Joel Photigraphy
Clothing (Both): Ayotunde (08077821007)
Concept & Styling: Ayotunde

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