Monday, 28 April 2014

WNS: From University to the altar 'Eromon & Kelechi's' Pre-wedding pictures

Bride to be: Eromon Okonofua Deborah

Groom to be: Kelechi Iwu Fides

According to the Bride to be
We met in school - University of Benin - where we were classmates. We actually didn't know each other beyond facial recognition because our class was so big, but in 500L, our penultimate year 2008, we were given a group project. We both put it off till it was getting late then we were each hard pressed to find partners for our projects. A mutual friend introduced us for that purpose and we've been friends ever since. Sometime in early 2009, we playfully placed a bet. I bet that he couldn't make me fall in love with him and he bet that he could and we shook on it. Needless to say we both lost the bet because we fell hopelessly in love with each other. We started dating in final year, 2009 December.

The Proposal
On May 5th, 2013, he invited my sisters and their families over to his place for lunch under the pretense of showing them the new flat he got. He had already told my sisters what he planned to do. In the middle of it, he got down on both knees and, brought out a ring box, opened it, promised me the world and asked me to marry him. I was so ecstatic, I quickly hugged him and said yes.

I call him Obi'm; he calls me Baby, Boo Boo or Wuwu. I got attracted to him because he is very tidy, precise, has perfect manners, knows how to treat a lady and is the most caring and compassionate person I'd ever met. Honestly, he had me at 'hello'.

According to the Groom to be, he was attracted to her because she is really smart and Intelligent, She could hold a conversation on almost any topic and I could never stop talking to her, very honest and down to earth.

The Bride to be loves his calm and compassionate nature, his patience, his slim frame, his intelligent mind, his respect for people, and his willingness to learn and listen to advice.

The Groom to be loves her honesty, her eagerness to learn and her very caring nature. She is a lot of things I am not and wish I were, in other words she completes me.

Weddings N Style is looking forward to the wedding holding in Benin City on the 16 and 17 May 2014.

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Photography - Ebi's Photoshop


  1. Roomie of life best sister and friend ! Congrats!!! May God bless your union and grant u both ur hearts desires!!! Wish u both the best of all life has to offer. *cheers*

  2. Eromo on point!congrats dear

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  7. God bless ur union. U guys left me speechless!

  8. Congrats dear. May ur union 4eva be blissful. God bless u guys. Taitai

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  10. Congratulations to u both Engr. Eromon and Kelechi...