Monday, 4 May 2015

WNS: Dancing in the Rain with Love 'Joke & Enitan's Pre-wedding Pictures'

Full name of Bride: Ajoke Adeleye
Full name of Groom: Enitan Garbrah 

How they met - The Bride
Our story is a pretty long one so I’ll just try to shorten it… lol. We met around 2009 through a mutual friend and we gradually became friends. What I thought was mere friendship gradually developed into something more, we became quite close after series of chats on Facebook, yahoo messenger and periodic phone calls. We lost touch for the better part of 2010, although at that time we had only seen twice.
We later met at an event sometimes in April 2011 but this time around we both couldn’t let go. Hahaha….. Finally and officially, we started dating February 2012 and  now the rest is history!

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The Proposal - The Bride
2012|2013 was pretty occupied for us. We had loads of different life encounters to get through together, like birthdays, grandma’ funeral, friend’s weddings, brother’s wedding, getting a new apartment and the likes.  In the middle of all these we were silently talking about marriage. So I thought he would propose before the end of 2013 but to my surprise he didn’t and I was kinda disappointed.
2014 came and we continued making plans together for the future and all. He was keen about meeting my dad and in February 2014 he met my dad officially and they gisted briefly, although my dad had always seen him in the house. To cut the long story short we started planning our Introduction and in my mind I kept thinking ‘oga o na so this bobo no go propose?”
So on this very sunny Saturday, 15th March 2014 I got back from work and he showed up at my place saying we should go to the Island and I was like “huh, just like that?” I just complained of being tired and all but after a little persuasion I got dressed and we ended up at Radisson Blu pool side bar. The weather had cooled down at this time and the atmosphere was very relaxing so we ordered for drinks and got talking, and then I noticed his stare was intense and he kept asking questions like “you know at this point there is no turning back?” “this is all me nothing more” and I kept saying “yea I know”  holding my hand together with something that felt like a box, he asked  “Ajoke, between you and me and God, no drama, will you marry me? He opened the box and then I smiled and said “yes” with my heart beating so fast.
Then suddenly it started raining, we called for the bill and ran to the car…
I’ll tag that night dancing in the rain.  Lol 
It has been a rewarding and amazing journey so far. Enitan is without a doubt the most amazing man. He completely changed my life. From the moment I connected with him; my life has never been the same. He showed me a completely different type of love. He is a man after God’s own heart, full of knowledge, wisdom and most of all patience, he loves me in a way I had never been loved before, a type of love I never knew even existed. I honestly believe I am the most favoured woman ever. The weeks flew into months and months into years. It has been an amazing ride. Yes, we have had our fair share of challenges but we always worked it out. I love him more each and every day - Ajoke

Photography by Optimum photography

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