Tuesday, 18 February 2014

WNS Interview: Capturing that special day with Adeolu Adeniyi Photography

Weddings N Style is featuring another interview series. Today we are showcasing the talented photographer - Adeolu.
Enjoy more of his lovely works and the interesting interview below 
What is your full name?
Adeolu Adeniyi
Adeolu Adeniyi
What is your business name? 
Adeolu Adeniyi Photography
What motivated you to start taking photographs?
I have always loved photography, cinematography and anything called by the name "media" as i had the opportunity of working with a big brother who ran a modelling agency back in school and still runs it. We did a couple of shoots together and the photographs we got made me fall in love with photography even more. I didn't really take it seriously until after school and i had started working, the fulfillment wasn't so deep so i resigned, attended a photo-school to take on photography full time.

How many years have you been in the business?
About Two Years.
What are your Ideals?
Ideal on the job - When everybody is happy. You are happy because they paid you well and your client is happy because you did a good job.*wink*  
How many clients do you have?
Hard to tell I must say as I cannot start mentioning names of couples I have been privileged to shoot at their weddings and events generally as I am majorly a wedding and documentary photographer. Not to talk of the huge number of models and modeling agencies. But I have been privileged to shoot at some major events in Nigeria - Copa Lagos, Koko concert, Mare Festival, BET’s RipTheRunway, Lagos Fashion Meniac,  Face of Sofa, Runway4, Exquisite Models International, PhotographAChild and a lot more… God has been faithful.
Apart from taking photographs what else do you do?
For now its basically photography, maybe a bit of cinematography though. I have worked with a few top movie and music video directors in Nigeria.
What inspires the way you position couples?
HOLY SPIRIT is my director, so He teaches me all things. Also I learn from colleagues and in some cases, some couples inspire you.
What do you do differently for each couple?
There is always something different about each couple, and you almost may not be able to do the same things for two different couples, it just may not come out well. Ultimately, the most important thing is being real, its just automatic, they end up coming out unique. 
For pre-wedding photo shoots, how do you come up with a theme?
 It all depends on the couple, the kind of couple you are dealing with determines that and in some cases, your clients already have something in mind, so you just flow and give them what they want, and probably add “jara”
How easy is it to carry out photo themes like using airplanes in Nigeria considering the nation’s terrain?
Nothing is impossible, but one has to be careful. In some cases, you can get approval for some certain things and in another case, you may have to be “street” about it.
What is the prize range?
Errrrrmmmm, there is a package for every category, but much more importantly, there is a minimum but no maximum, even the “six zeros”, can I get an AMEN?! We are totally flexible.
What makes you happy on the job?
Looking back at my works, seeing how far God has brought me and where He is taking me. Comments from people i respect so much and of course when the jobs roll in which means more money.*wink wink*
Advice to couples regarding choosing a photographer.

Well, the pictures you get at the end of your event are probably the only things that will stay with you for the rest of your lives. So make a good choice, and be ready to invest in it.  
Last Words...
Make the principles of God your standard and you'll be shocked at how fast you will move and of course be ready to market yourself to anybody anytime.

Phone: +2347036345534, +2348057413203 
Instagram: adeolu116 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/adeoluadeniyi photography 

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