Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Guest Post: Five Rentals that will Make Your Big Day an Event to Remember

Every bride wants their big day to be remembered for a lifetime. Whether you’re working with a professional, or taking the DIY approach to planning, remembering to include all the right party components for your reception will help you create a memorable night for you and your guests. To help you set the stage for a fun and exciting time, we’ve provided the list of essential party rentals below. Check it out then work with your planning team to find, order and place these items for your wedding! 

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Dance Floor
Keep the party going late into the night by turning your guests into dancing fools! A dance floor is crucial for a good time at any wedding reception. It helps your guests interact in a fun and lively way that wouldn’t be possible without it. Typically, each dancing couple requires nine square feet of space, and usually not more than 50% of the people dance at any one time. It is suggested that you estimate one ‘3x3’ panel per couple. You can find dance floors that provide space for anywhere from 12 couples to 144 couples to dance at one time.   

Attractive and Comfortable Tables and Chairs 
Providing your guests with comfortable seating areas and adequate space for dining is of utmost importance. Whether you’re serving full meals or light snacks, proper tabling and seating is a must. Tall, small tables are typically ideal for cocktail hours as they offer guests a place to set hors d’oeuvres and drinks while socializing. For dinner and reception areas, large round tables offer an inviting and spacious place for larger meals while long, narrow tables offer a more elegant space with room for smaller meals. No matter your party size, you can find great table and chair options in colors, shapes and designs that will complement the décor of your wedding. 

Special Effects

Special effects add a unique twist that will set your night apart from any other. Whether your event is indoor or outdoor, simple or off-the-wall, you can find incredible effects to complement the setting and make the night memorable. Some effects you could incorporate include:
·         Balloon arches
·         Disco balls
·         Strobe lights
·         Air dancers
·         Inflatables
·         Custom Lighting

Fondue Fountain
A fondue fountain provides your guests with an interesting way to enjoy a tasty treat. Not only is a chocolate fountain a fun way to add a little romance to your wedding celebration, but it’s also sure to be a hit with any chocolate-loving guests. You can choose from a variety of fountain sizes to meet the needs of your party size. Some delicious chocolate fondue flavor options include mocha, espresso, and fruit. Along with the chocolate fondue of your choice, you can order your favorite fruits, cookies, and treats for your guests to enjoy.

Photo Booth
“Pics or it didn’t happen” pretty much sums up how your guests remember awesome moments. Photo booths are a great way to encourage your guests to take fun pictures that both you and they can use to remember your big day for years to come. Most photo booth providers offer prop boxes, custom backgrounds, photo discs and personalized photo paper to make your guests’ photos especially fun.   

Guest Post by: All Occasion Rentals

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