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WNS: The Farmer who Loved me | Toyin & Patrick Pre Wedding Pictures

According to the photographer - These guys are perhaps the most adventurous couple I’ve met in a long time. They were willing to try out all sorts of ideas. They were quite fascinated with this very idea and were very willing to give it a shot.

Getting the costumes and props ready was not an easy task. Because it was on such short notice, over the weekend, my assistant Ireti (who also wrote the storyline)  had to go to the market to buy fabric and take them to the tailor’s to sew all within a day, paying a huge amount for express service. Dawn on Monday we were already on the express way driving to Ibadan to meet Toyin & Patrick.

Naturally, we assumed we were going to find the right setting and location for our shoot in Ibadan but because we were at Bodija and i had a particular kind of scenery in mind, getting the right location was really tasking, but we were eventually able to, thanks to the willingness of the good people of Moniya, Oyo state.
While Toyin was having her hair woven, we set about looking for the right spot and props. We bought all the pepper right off a woman’s kiosk, she was so happy and indeed very helpful in finding other props for us such as the machete and hoe used by Patrick.

The sleepy town seemed to come alive with our presence. Little children started running around in excitement calling on their fellow playmates to come and watch the ‘film’ that was about to unfold. They came out in dozens. Even the women were not left out. While the Adults watched and the children jumped in excitement, we began our shoot at sunset. We enjoyed the shoot so much that we forgot the time.

In this first installment of their Pre-wedding shoot, Patrick was a farmer and Toyin a pepper seller from the early centuries of the Yoruba nation before colonization. Patrick wore his character like it was second skin.
Never mind that he had just come in from the United States only a few  days before and even though he is of Isoko, Delta State descent, he took his role of Yoruba farmer seriously, especially as he could speak the language being a Surulere, Lagos boy.

Toyin was so tickled by his seriousness and his kembe and Abetiaja outfit that she couldn’t stop laughing all through the shoot. She was dressed in a bright green and yellow patterned Adire (tie &dye) with her hair woven into a ‘shuku’ style that must have been the rage in those days. She also went with a natural makeup look and barefooted like Patrick. Although Toyin got pricked by a thorn, she was a good sport about it and even encouraged us to keep shooting

It was almost dark by the time we left the village. Because we had another shoot, we couldn’t drive back to Lagos so we had to sleep over in Ibadan to do the other theme we had in mind for the next morning.

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