Tuesday, 11 March 2014

WNS Interview: Starting that journey with Toluade Photography

Weddings N Style is featuring another interview series. Today we are showcasing another talented photographer - Tolulope.

Enjoy more of her lovely works and the interesting interview below
 What is your full name?

Adekuoroye Tolulope  

Adekuoroye Tolulope
What is your business name?
Toluade Photography

What motivated you to start taking photographs?                                                                                         
 I love the pictures of the world I see through a camera. Nature just looks different from a camera’s view.  
 How many years have you been in the business?
      Two Years
      How many clients do you have? 
      Numerous! I have worked with many clients and I have co-worked with fellow photographers
       Apart from taking photographs what else do you do?
      I do a little of body beautification and I also make beads
      What inspires the way you position couples? 
      Basically, the personalities of the couples. The environment also does inspire positions too 
      What do you do differently for each couple? 
Take them to different location. Give fresh ideas and theme for their shoot.
How do you tackle each couple to create a differentiating factor? 
I make sure they are comfortable with me and make them my friends as soon as possible, and then we play along new ideas and make them trust my judgment. 
 For Pre-wedding photo shoots, how do you come up with a theme? 
I make do with what the client wants and the environment considering time availability for the shoots 
How easy is it to carry out photo themes like using airplanes in Nigeria considering the nation’s terrain?
I’ll say it’s not easy but when necessary, we will find our way through it. 
      What is the prize range?
     The price range depends on the package the client wants. I promise it’s something you can afford

     Advice to couple regarding choosing a photographer.
     Your comfort is very paramount. Never choose anyone who you won’t be comfortable with. The pre-wedding shot is an avenue to know if you will b comfortable with the photographer or not. 
Tel: 08162642710, 08072796204
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  1. Oluwaseun Adeleye13 March 2014 at 19:20

    cool. keep it up

  2. Toluade nice one Glitterati photography say so..