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Guest Post: Stylish wedding - How to choose your wedding accessories?

When the day of your wedding finally comes, you will most probably be over the moon with joy and excitement. Most couples fall into the state of overwhelming emotions, which usually turns off all other receptors for the outside world. In the middle of such a flood of various feelings, many things can be forgotten about or neglected. Due to all these features and emotional turmoil that affects pre-wedding couples, the best method for taking care for everything is deal with all the organisational issues beforehand, i.e. not wait the last moment to make a wedding bouquet or have it made. Probably the most important decision that you could make in the wedding-preparation process is that one. If things and items from your pre-wedding to-do list are solved in advance, you will have more time to adjust your emotions to the right level and manage all the expected (and unexpected) sub-events that might happen during that super-event.
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His corner

Brides wait for the wedding day all their lives and guys just need to accept that their to-be wives are more important and more observed on that day. However, they still need to do their best to give their share of mutual perfection and do their best to look meticulous and elegant, as well. Of course, they should not overdo with their grooming, but it is recommended that grooms also shine and glitter, only a half a step behind their significant others. To balance everything properly, the best option is that future brides prepare their future grooms for that day, which also means choosing the appropriate outfit for him, as well as adequate accessories. First of all, you need to be careful about colours. The basic rule is that the waist belt and shoes match. When talking about suits, one thing is for sure - black is always trendy. So, if you do not want to make experiments, but play safe and still look great, go for a black suit, combined with the shirt that your beloved girlfriend chooses. Just leave that part to them. When it comes to special items, he should wear a watch, which is a necessity for a grown-up man. Also, he can accompany it with sunglasses if you are going to have wedding photo session outside.

Her corner

While boys are easily handled and simpler for maintenance, girls have millions of options. Probably the most important features are the wedding gown and jewellery. Nowadays, it is not so uncommon for brides to opt for a more casual choice instead of a white gown. However, whatever you do, make it in accordance with your future husband's choice. Even better, you choose for him, as well. That way, there will not be any unwanted discrepancies between the two of you.
When it comes to matching the outfit and jewellery, it goes without saying that an elegant and embellished outfit needs to be accompanied with classy jewellery. On the other side, a more relaxed wedding dress demands less jewellery, but still appropriately chosen.
If you go for a wedding gown, many different accessories can be added to make a perfect combination with it. Many kinds of ribbons come into consideration. Although it might seem a little bit démodé, a veil is another great additional item which can perfectly match the gown.


While the catering matters do not strictly belong to wedding accessories, they also make a wedding and need to be taken care of in advance, so that nothing is missed or forgotten about. When we think about catering, the first association is food. However, this word comprises much more. It can refer to different wedding supplies that need to be provided. For instance, music is an important factor in the wedding organisation process. A wedding without appropriate sound background is unimaginable. Because of that, couples have to sit down together and decide what band they want to hear at their wedding reception and what music genres and songs they will write down for the band. That way, the band will know what to play and have enough time to practise and rehearse if there are songs they do not know how to perform.

When it comes to food, these tasty goods are of great importance, too. People most often reminisce about past events via smells and sound images. A fine band and tasteful food are accessories that will make you and your guests remember your wedding perfectly.

Author bio: Ann Harris lives in Melbourne, Australia with her lovely husband and two beautiful children. She loves to write about love, relationships, beauty, weddings, DIY tips etc. Her hobbies include cooking and reading. Life is beautiful!

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