Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Guest Post: Wedding Photography Trends for This Summer/Winter

No matter if you live on the northern or the southern hemisphere, the difference in seasons will not stop you from getting married if your decision is firm and your partner the right one. When it comes to this year’s trends, some of them are newly introduced, such as photo booths, while the features such as the wedding cake and the wedding gown remain the same and they follow old path.

Wedding photos – food for soul kitchen

Although it is also important to take good care of the wining and dining part of the wedding, you do that mostly because of your guests. Every couple that is getting married wants to treat their dearest chosen guests with high respect and delicious specialties. In addition to that, a rich abundance of drinks will make your invitees relax and turn your wedding into a great party. However, all this matters while the reception is still rocking. The days after the wedding will be spent reminiscing about the whole event and that is most easily done through pictures and videos. Considering all these aspects, the wedding photography is as important as the catering and the bar service. It is an essential part of the wedding and the period afterwards. 

 Fancy photographers

For those who want their photos to be taken professionally, with meticulous care and great skill, the only way possible is hiring a professional wedding photographer. No matter if you are in London, Moscow, New York or Melbourne, the wedding photographer needs to have a fine résumé and some recommendations. Think of this as if you are hiring a nanny for your kids. Only the ones with best references can be taken into consideration. It is true that a bunch of photographers are offering their services, but do make some search on local forums and talk to people and their experiences about their wedding photographers. That way you are going to minimize the chance of choosing a lousy one.

Jumping bride flash

Over the last couple of years, the trend of jumping in wedding day photos has been very popular. If you want to stay in trend, this year will see you taking your partner by the hand in some dream-come-true park and jumping in front of the camera. However, to avoid being cheesy and boring, you could opt for a slightly different context, such as the sea or a hill with a view. Also, if the weather is bad on the very day of the ceremony, be ready to get dressed on another occasion and take these photos. Jumping on a picturesque hill with your shoes covered in mud is probably not the perfect wedding photography that you have dreamt of.

Everything flows, only love stays

Hand in hand with people jumping during wedding the photography procedure is the stop-motion technique of getting photographed. In a symbolic way, you can do this to show everybody how your relationship is going to stay dug deeply into the trench of your love. This motif can be used in numerous contexts, such as parks, crowded avenues, lake shore, river banks etc. The important feature of the stop-motion trick is that there are people, animals or vehicles around you that are moving. 

Stop-motion photography
“Stop-motion Kiss”

A real photographer and a booth

Apart from (or together with) hiring a photography pro, you can also go for a photo booth. It is usually rent for an hour or two and it most often creates an astonishing level of chaotic fun at a reception. Of course, it does not exclude a real photo master, but only serves as a fun appendix to the ceremony. The best time for leaving your guests to a booth is three or four hours after the wedding dinner has been served, when everyone is in a good mood and ready for fooling around that is usually launched by a booth.

Since the wedding day is probably the most important day in your life, especially if that is the first wedding day of your existence, you need detailed and greatly incorporated memories of it. You can get married dozens of times, like Elizabeth Taylor, but each and every time has to have a great photo supervision for you and you present partner to cherish it in your community.

Author bio: Ann Harris lives in Melbourne, Australia with her lovely husband and two beautiful children. She loves to write about love, relationships, beauty, weddings, DIY tips etc. Her hobbies include cooking and reading. Life is beautiful!


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