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Guest Post: How to choose a Flower girl dress

Grooming a flower girl for a wedding ceremony represents a sweet but quite demanding task. The role of flower girls is really solemn and charming and they usually look that way on the wedding day, but the rocky road to such an outcome is full of bumps and unexpected traps.
The role of a flower girl is walking in front of the bride and throwing petals of flowers down the aisle, as a sort of symbolical path for the bride and her about-to-be act of steeping into the marriage. Since this girl scatters flower (or parts of it), she is called the flower girl. While this custom is really adorable, the process of choosing and dressing up a flower girl is not that easy. 

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The first and most important step is choosing the right girl for the flower girl. The bad side of it is the fact that the bride has to choose one girl among many of them who belong to her extended family or friends. It happens that some parents get insulted if their daughter is not chosen to be the flower girl for their friend's wedding ceremony. So, the leading notion that the bride needs to bear in her head while choosing the flower girl is the level of confidence and reliability. That kid needs to be self-confident in order to be able to handle the important role she is going to have on that day. In addition to that, that girl also needs to be reliable and adaptive. Many girls do not want to wear some colors or clothes. The bride needs to choose someone with whom these negotiations are going to be smooth and reasonable. Given the number of duties every bride has on a wedding day, the last thing they need is a spoilt flower girl.

How to combine colors?

Now that brides know how to choose a flower girl, we can get back to the process of dressing up. Two basic decisions that need to be made by the bride are the color of the clothes and the type of dress the flower girl is going to wear. Luckily, on little girls all colors look great and the bride is not going to make a mistake whatever she decides. Pink is always acceptable for girls. If you do not find a satisfying pink dress, a beige or soft light blue one will do, as well. Also, an inevitable part of every flower girl dressing up is the hair ribbon. This item can go with a flower girl basket, for instance. Since the baskets are usually in the color of wood, a beige or light brown ribbon would be a great choice. Also, it can be accompanied with light brown shoes, as well. On the other hand, shoes or sandals can also be white. This color goes with everything and on a flower girl it could look even more gorgeous and dignified. 

Dress and accessories

The dress itself always comprises many features. Just imagine yourself (if a bride is reading this) or any other close woman when going to buy herself clothes for an important occasion. And the wedding day multiplies the feeling and the level of excitement. Every bride should choose a flower girl who is not capricious. Although we are talking about little children here, the differences in characters among them are immense. If you have chosen an easy-going little girl for a flower girl, you can sit down with her and talk about that day. You can even include her to participate actively in the whole dressing up process. When it comes to the dress, the bride and the flower girls need to be compatible. If the bride is wearing a classis white gown, the flower girl can be dressed up in a more vivid combination, such as the already mentioned soft light blue nuances or shades of beige. The dress needs to be followed by a number of flower girl accessories, such as hair ribbons, barrettes, necklaces and bracelets. Also, a flower wreath on the head of a flower girl is a classic feature, especially if made of daisies.

The whole process of choosing and grooming a flower girl sometimes seems even more exhausting than many other things on the wedding day. However, if you sit down, think through and make the right choice, the whole part with the flower girl is going to be real joy.

 Author bio: Ann Harris lives in Melbourne, Australia with her lovely husband and two beautiful children. She loves to write about love, relationships, beauty, weddings, DIY tips etc. Her hobbies include cooking and reading. Life is beautiful!

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