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WNS: Soulmates for 10years to Bride & Groom - Dupe & Femi's Introduction pictures #FEMDU2014

Full name of the Bride: Dupe Kassim
Full name of the Groom: Femi Ode

How they met - From the Bride
Well, we attended the same School in 2004 but we were just what they call ‘hi-hi’ friends as I was also friends with his friends. Then we had a long random chat at some night party back then in school which was really weird as we had never chatted much prior to that party and then he ended the chat with, ‘Something tells me you are my Soul Mate’ and I just laughed and called him Joker. I changed schools shortly, like 2months after the party. 

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Two years later, I got a friend request from him via Facebook and I added him and then we chatted once in a year when he sees me on Facebook chat like all those ‘2 liners kinda chat’. After so many years - 6years later to be precise, I went to see an aunt at Ecobank where he used to work and I bumped into him.
I heard Dupe whassup and I turned around looking like I don’t know him and I went hmmmmm I don’t quite know U (Chai, ok lemme be honest, U know them days that a girl isn’t looking her best and runs into an old school mate...that was me and I def. remembered him but I sha formed memory loss) so he tried to remind me and I kept forming memory loss and he got pissed and said you know what. Never mind and I thought Thank God, abeg just go.
2 years ago, I attended a family friend’s wedding and sat at a table at the back with my siblings and friends and alas this tall, handsome guy made a swaggilicious entrance into the hall from the front entrance and I sighted him (well I was single and I unconsciously always notice every fine guy even from a distance…it’s a Single girl’s thing *wink*). I immediately told my friend next to me ‘look over there, that’s a hot guy coming towards here’ and she said I’m sure he’s married and then as he got closer, we kept staring actually to see if we will see the 1st sign of a married man i.e. the ring but instead I heard Femo, kilon shele (some friends on my table exchanged greetings with him) then he took off his sunshades and I just hissed silently realizing he’s even a guy I know. As he was walking off, our eyes met and I said Hi but he didn’t respond and my friends said ‘Ouch, yawa’ saying I was famzing. So, I told them about our last encounter and that I was so sure he was taking revenge.
Fast forward last year, I was chatting with a friend - Biyi on bbm who attended same school and is also Femi’s friend and he asked me: who and who was I still in touch with from school and I mentioned names then I asked him same and he mentioned Femi and I said ‘that one that likes to feel so fly with himself’. He laughed and said he says exactly same thing about you so I think you guys fancy each other.
Two days later, Femi randomly added me on bbm and he busted my bubbles and started out very friendly and chatty like he was chatting with his lost but found best friend of years and I was really laid back thinking ‘what’s with the familiarization o’ then we realized he was in the building just opposite where I was so we had a lunch date same day and we synched almost instantly. He then said he wears shades to parties’ because he gets shy when entering and he honestly didn’t see me at the table that day as there were lots of people and he just wanted to leave to go sit down.
From there, we went clubbing the following night with 2 of his friends and their girlfriends now wives and we really connected. We had lunch together every single day after and then he would come see me before going to his house in the evening. We became inseparable friends and went everywhere together. After some months, we started dating and became an item.

How did he propose - from the Bride

Earlier this year, he took me to Oceanview Restaurant to have lunch and we later went to a private beach to jet ski and as we got back, he came off 1st and knelt on one knee and said before we continue to have fun and I lose this ring, please tell me you will be my wife and the mother of my kids so I can keep the ring on your finger safely and I looked at the rock and screamed YES. We later went to see a romantic movie that night and he sent me a text the next morning saying: ‘My instincts never fail, I told you 10years ago in school that you are my Soul Mate. Thank you for making this now a reality’...the Love journey began. We met the parents, picked dates and had a Beautiful Wedding Ceremony.

Dupe call him 'My World' while Femi calls her 'My Angel'. The bride was attracted by his maturity, his love for life, height & charms. The groom was attracted by her eyes, 'she carry front...she carry back' very shapely and too packaged and her bubbly character.

When asked what they love about each other...

Femi: Hmm I love everything about her. She’s an All-in-one Total Package. She brings out the best in me. I love her eyes, smile, company, good heart, openness, stubbornness, Ijogbon, sweetness and selflessness. She just has no ‘but’ with me. My personal space is something I hardly share with anyone if you know me well but she’s the only girl that has ever filled and will forever fill this space so much and I really cherish what we share. Friends, Couple, Lovers…#FemDu
Dupe: Oh He cracks me up so much. I love his sense of humor, listening ears and the romantic ways he bribes me anytime he wanna hang out with his male crew . I love his caring heart and his positive view of life. Never a dull moment with FemBoo. What I love the most is our friendship, you know like we will have an argument as lovers but we will still do things as planned as friends maybe we were supposed to go somewhere or do something together as a team but remind each other that the fight is still on so don’t think that we are now cool o, lol...and then we later disagree to agree. I am very happy that I got married to my best friend.

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