Monday, 16 January 2017

WNS: A Bachelorette Love 'Amarachi & Chukwuma' pre-wedding pictures

Full name of Bride: Amarachi Benedicta Anozie
Full name of Groom: Chukwuma Christopher Nkwontah

How they met
Amarachi & Chukwuma met in Abuja during the bride's sister bachelorette party.

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The Proposal
Chukwuma proposed to Amarachi twice - over the phone and in person. While they were in the room, Chukwuma's cousin switched off the light and then put it on after some minutes and there he was on one knee proposing to Amarachi.

Amarachi: I call him Babe or Bae or Chu and I live his smile and love for food.

Chukwuma: I call her Omalicha'm and love her goofiness and good heart.

Our friendship which grew day by day and from goofing around to cooking were all part of what we love about each other.

Location: Genesis Sojouneirs
Photography: Studi B2B

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