Wednesday, 11 January 2017

WNS: From Uniabuja down the aisle "Oge & Dawny' pre-wedding pictures

Full name of Bride:Ogechukwu Nwigwe
Full name of Groom: Dawny Aguele

How they met
Oge & Dawny met in 2007 for the first time in front of school (University of Abuja). Oge had just gained admission into the school. Dawny asked Oge out on a date but was turned down because she wasn't ready for a relationship at that time. They stopped talking but reconnected in 2009 via Yahoo Messenger, started talking again and became fast friends. However, they were both in different relationships at that time.

In 2010, Oge's mum insisted she move back to Lagos for NYSC so she could be closer home. At that time, Dawny was already working in Lagos so they reconnected.

Dawny went to her house with a mutual friend Uju and on seeing Oge he made up his mind to ask her out again and she agreed to finally date him.

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 The Proposal
Dawny proposed on Oge's birthday May 6, 2014. He picked her from her office and they went for dinner at Zen Garden Ikeja GRA. After eating and drinking, Dawny requested for the bill and the waiter brought two covered bowls. Oge was confused as the waiter placed one of the bowls in front of her and opened it.

On bending to look inside, she sees a small box with a ring inside. Looking up at Dawny he says "Babe will you marry me" with a shy look on his face. The guests in the restaurant started shouting, clapping and congratulating and in all the distraction Oge forgot to say Yes.

Dawny calls her again and reminds her that he is waiting for a reply and Oge says YES.
Oge: I call him Babe and I was attracted to his determination and intelligence. I also love the way he is focused and hardworking.

Dawny: I call her Baby Girl and I was attracted to her beauty and kind heart. I also love her ability to contribute to planning and she is family oriented.
Photography - SWG Photography
Makeup - Rines Makeover

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