Tuesday, 21 March 2017

WNS: Guest Post: Bridal Robes for Your Wedding Morning

The morning of your wedding is certain to be a bit hectic. No amount of planning and preparation can totally overcome the emotional rush, the desire for perfection, and the need for speed that are all involved in getting the ceremony off to a great start. With that in mind, any additional comfort or convenience during the process is usually quite welcomed…by brides and others alike!

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One accessory that’s becoming a true mainstay of every wedding is the bridal robe. These comfortable, flattering robes are worn by the bride during the morning’s preparation – while applying makeup, having her hair styled, or whatever the need may be.

For your bridal robe needs, we recommend a sheer and soft fabric that will ease the wearer into the day ahead. We don’t skimp on looks, either, because we know that the best wedding photographers will be taking shots of the bride’s prep – and she’s going to want to look her best in every photo! Our large selection of ideal  robes for brides covers all the bases, from comfort to style, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect floral robes for bridesmaids in our extensive catalog.

For the most part, brides tend to turn toward satin or cotton for their robes. While each of these fabrics are comfortable and attractive, don’t forget that waffle and kimono robes are both stylish and comfy in their own right! Really, the sky's the limit when choosing the perfect bridal robe for your wedding. You can choose to match the d├ęcor, or stand out with colorful patterns and colors.
Another popular option has been floral patterns, increasing in popularity as beautiful “getting ready” photos spread across social media. In vivid or muted colors, our floral patterned robes really add glamour to the pre-ceremony preparation!

Don’t forget that robes aren’t just for brides! The bridesmaids have to get ready, too, and we carry many options to match the bride’s own robe. Take a look at our selection of glam bridesmaid’s robes for more details!

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Also we provide personalized robes for bridesmaids and kids with various color & design options. 

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