Thursday, 20 April 2017

WNS: Guest Post: Why a Custom Robe is the Perfect Bridesmaids’ Gift

At some point in your wedding planning, you’ll likely be on the hunt for bridesmaids’ gifts…and hopefully it’s not too close to zero hour! We recommend getting these traditional and meaningful gifts checked off your list earlier rather than later.

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There are, of course, numerous possibilities when it comes to purchasing these presents. To help narrow down the search, Joanna Saltz, a writer for “The Knot,” recommends gifts that are both meaningful and useful. We’ve found that elegant bridesmaids’ robes are often the perfect fit for this requirement.

Depending on how much your bridesmaids have spent to be part of your ceremony, you may want to include the robes as a bonus gift – one that they can continue to use on and on – along with a more expensive gift like charm bracelets or other jewelry. The overall costs of the gifts will vary, naturally. (If your bridesmaids are spending $500+ on their dresses and shoes, for example, then Saltz recommends spending roughly $75-$150 on their gifts.)

Personalized satin robes for bridesmaids make excellent gifts in this regard, because they typically fall well below the cost threshold either by themselves or combined with other gifts. The robes will also be used before the wedding ceremony, and they can really add a glamourous touch to the pre-ceremony bridal photos. Best of all, your bridesmaids will love taking the robes home and using them every night!

With all of the different colors and styles available, our bridal robes are sure to be a perfect fit for any wedding party. We carry styles in satin, cotton, waffle, and many other materials to suit any weather or setting. We even carry trendy, patterned kimono robes that will make your photos really stand out!

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