Monday, 11 November 2013

WNS: Hey! Where's the Ring?..Coming on an Eagle! Naomi & Dayo's Wedding Pictures & Videos

Today Weddings N Style is bringing something exciting and different. Naomi & Dayo's wedding was a blend of two distinct cultures into one which made it fun and unique.

What do you do if your bestman can't find the wedding ring? Watch the video below and learn a thing or two...

Read the couple's story below and enjoy the pictures and videos.

Naomi's Story 

I met Dayo in 2006. I was schooling in Montgomery College at the time. The first time I met him, I knew there was something special about him. Over the years we continued communicating vie email, call, text, online. We would not see each other for several years till 2011. We (or should I say I) were both busy in doing our own things. Busy with school, professions and so on. When we finally caught up I had just moved back to Maryland from Virginia. And he was in Columbia, MD. That was when we decided to take the relationship seriously. Dayo proposed to me in June 2012 at Copper Canyon Grill in downtown Silver Spring over a romantic dinner for two and I said YES! And the rest is history.

Dayo's Story 

You know, it’s funny -- our first date was in 2006, but we only got into a relationship five years later. For a long time, Naomi was like a blinking light: on one moment, off the next. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why she was popping in and out of my life, why she didn’t want to take the next step, why it seemed like something was holding her back. One day, out of the blue, Naomi sent me a message pleading for me to call her, and she finally revealed why she had been hesitant with me. (I’m not Cameroonian, obviously!). But I had to ask myself, Why did I tolerate this back-and-forth thing with her when I had never done so with anyone else? Simple: I realized I was truly in love with Naomi. And this time, this light was going to burn steadier and brighter than ever before

If you missed the couple's pre-wedding video click here and their traditional wedding video click here.

Click for more pictures


Traditional Wedding Pictures

White Wedding Video

Wedding Ring Saga Video


Videographer - Olu Adewunmi | 
Photographer - Ernesto Rivera- Traditional Wedding 
Photographer - Andre at Drevizion Photography – White Wedding
Wedding Planner - Eurykah at Asheris Events 
Decorator/Florist - Emilia at Emis Designs- White Wedding Decorator 
Decorator - Bola at Garden of Eden – Traditional Wedding
DJs (Church) - DJ Sam I Am , DJ Chick, DJ Selmo
Make-up - Michelle A. Clark at Exousia Image – White Wedding 
Make-up & HeadTie - Isoken Asemota at Puksies Wardrobe- Traditional Wedding
Hair - Theresa at Wenja Hair

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